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CAC Photo Gallery Now Available!

I know I promised more pictures when I returned from Belarus and I am finally able to keep that promise!  I have created a Photo Gallery as part of the website so that members of the delegation can share their pictures with you.  You will also have the opportunity to rate the photos and leave comments as well, and we really hope you do.  This helps us to have a two way dialogue with you and maybe answer some of your questions and tell you a few more of the stories from our trip.  If pictures get high ratings or have lots of comments I will post a blog using those pictures and telling the stories, so we really hope you will participate.  The album is set up with a section for each of the delegates who have promised to post pictures.  A few of them are already posted and I hope the rest will do so soon, so check back often to see any updates or new comments.

You can find the album by clicking here or by going to the CAC webpage and clicking on the “Photo Gallery” link in the Navigation menu on the top left side.

Hope to see your comments there!

Eric McKenzie

PS:  Since I hate to post a blog without a picture, here is a sneak peak at a few: