Fridges, Furniture and Friendship!

Although we are still waiting for Customs clearance and permission to deliver the aid, we had a pretty full day today with many activities happening and some of them simultaneously.  As you can see in the picture below we were treated to a wonderful concert in our honour by the children of the public school.


However we started our day at the hospital delivering 6 refrigerators.  This is a project that Jeff Earl has been working on for more than a year.  Last year we delivered 13 refrigerators, 6 more today and Jeff will be here in the Fall to deliver 6 more.  These fridges will be used throughout the hospital where they are badly needed in every department.


Here, Dave and Rhona pose with the official receiver for the hospital after they are unloaded.

14285953647267School #1 in Chausy has been a home-base for us for many years of delivery and this year we have an intiative lead by Harry and Mary Preston to help improve the quality of learning through the purchase of teaching aids, school desks, chairs and cabinets as well as audio and visual equipment.


While the assembling is underway, Harry and Mary check to make sure the book cases “measure up”!


Canadians Jon Schuler and Eric Harbers watch as local cabinet maker Ivan gets them started assembling chairs for the level 2 students.


In honour of CAC’s help to the children and the community, and especially Harry and Mary Preston’s help to the school, the children of grades 2 – 4 prepared and presented a concert for us.  It included singing, dancing and drama.  Some girls from grades 7 – 9 also sang songs for us.  The concert was very well done and all of the children performed flawlessly … in English no less!  Here are few of the children during one of the dance numbers.


After the concert Hary and Mary were presented with a framed certificate of appreciation from the school and the children.  Here Harry and Mary pose with all of the performers as well as the teachers involved.


The theme of the concert was “Friendship” and throughout, the narration and songs all focused on how working together we can all make a difference.  The smiles of pride and appreciation on the faces of these children was proof of that!

Eric McKenzie