Life Changing Moments!

We are now waiting for approval to deliver the packages which we cannot do until Customs releases them.  We are hoping for Wednesday.   In the meantime most of the Canadian delegates are heading home so we have rebooked a few,  who are able,  to stay a little longer.   Eight of us flew out very early this morning and are now traveling home,  but I will post the final updates next week when I have pictures and stories from the remaining Canadians.

Last  night before we left,  our musicians met with the children one last time in the music room.  Oleg,  the orphanage director, came in to say goodbye and thank them for all they have done. He said the children were so excited  about music now and that this program would definitely be the highlight of their entire school year!  He also mentioned that several of the children who were prepared to leave school and the orphanage  at the end of this year ( after grade 9)  have now changed their minds and will now stay and complete school through grade 11!   What an incredible moment  for all of us but especially for Chad  and David.   This is our hope with every program and initiative that we put in place,  to have a long term impact and change the direction of these young lives.   Here are David,  Chad and Chris with most of the music students.

IMG_5261We are so excited for the children and this program, but also for Chad and David, it’s not everyday that you get to go home with the clear knowledge that you have changed someone’s life!

Eric McKenzie


6 thoughts on “Life Changing Moments!

  1. Ian and Mary Ellen

    Great reports Eric. It just shows what a wonderful team goes over representing Brockville and Canada. We have been sharing them with our Rotary Club here in Florida.

  2. Piero & Daniela

    We went to Chausy from Italy to visit our Alina, just when CAC’s members were there. We have seen all you have done: an impressive job!
    You really have a big heart.
    Piero & Daniela

  3. Lisa

    I am not at all surprised that music has had such an impact on these students. It’s a universal language that teaches and expands the mind. What an accomplishment — you must feel so very proud of your success. You have most certainly changed lives for ever — the lives of the Canadians AND that of those at the orphanage. God Bless you

  4. R. Patricia Capitain

    Thank you, Eric, for keeping us in the loop all this time with your descriptions and photos of the different events.
    Thank you also to all CAC members who went over this time for another successful delivery of the goods. But, most importantly, of having given so much of yourselves to “our” children and others in need. You are truly inspiring.

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