TVCogeco Interviews with Dave Shaw and Nina Koltunova

Timothy Ross interviewed both Dave Shaw and Nina Koltunova about our work in Belarus for TVCogeco’s show “FYI”.  The first interview is with our Director of Humanitarian Aid, Dave Shaw where they discuss our upcoming 2013 initiatives and spring trip to Belarus.

Also interviewed was Nina Koltunova.  Nina came to Nova Scotia as a child through a respite program and lives in Chausy Belarus.  She has been an integral part of our work on the ground in Belarus and an indispensable resource for us in the Chausy region.  Click here to see a post from last springs trip outlining some of the strengths she brings to our organization.  Here is the interview:

and part 2 of the interview.

Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare for our 16th delivery of aid.  We are now at 120 containers and over $30million in aid!  You can subscribe to our updates on the right side of this webpage.

Eric McKenzie