Local Chernobyl Quilters Deliver the Goods! (Again … for the eighth year in a row!)

My wife is a quilter so I have a second hand understanding of how much work goes into making a quilt, not to mention the heart and soul!  Well our local group of “Chernobyl Quilters” came by the warehouse today and delivered this years batch of beautiful craftsmanship.  Here are our awesome quilters, lead by Mary Bernard (in red).


These amazing women delivered an incredible 202 quilts!  Not to mention all of the extras … little dolls, finger puppets, vests etc.  This brings the 8 year total to a whopping 1,231 quilts!  It almost doesn’t seem fair but these women have done all of the work and our delegates get to receive the joy and thanks as they hand deliver them to orphans, Moms and their children at the crisis centre, impoverished kids and disabled children.  It is wonderful to see the faces light up and the joy that they bring.  They brighten up their rooms and bring a warm hug on a cold night!  Here is another picture showing the complete collection that was delivered today.


What an amazing achievement and a wonderful gift from the heart!

Eric McKenzie