Dream Mountain’s Crisis Centre for Women and Children

After two years of planning, fund-raising as well as a lot of last minute running around and finishing touches we were finally ready for the Grand Opening.  This project is a partnership between the Chausy Administration, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl and Dream Mountain’s Foundation.  Unfortunately a high level of alcohol abuse has created a need for this type of shelter and we are proud to sponsor the first of it’s kind in this country.  A lot of negotiation was required to determine responsibilities between the Chausy administration, Social Services and CAC, but in the end all are satisfied with the arrangement.  Here our Mountain climbers (Shawn Dawson was unable to make it) who raised $30,000 are introduced to the the Mayor of the Chausy Region.  Additional funding was provided by our loyal CAC supporters.  From left are Timothy Ross, Stuart Spurrell, Bob Van Blitterswyck and Brad Speck.  It was so great to have them here to see the final result and realize the amazing long term impact they will have on the families in this community.

Outside a crowd gathered as we were entertained by a local music group playing

traditional Belarusian music.  It’s location is ideally situated directly across the street from the local police station for security.

There were speeches from the head of Social Services, the mayor as well as Dave Shaw. Then the ribbon was cut by Galina from Social Services, Mayor Matulin and Dave Shaw.

Here is a shot of Brad Speck mopping the floor during the preparation.

Here are pictures of the 3 finished bedrooms



The living room

And the kitchen.


Once the ribbon was cut a large crowd poured in to tour the site.

In our spring humanitarian aid shipment we will be bringing clothing, footwear, linens and other household necessities for use in this shelter.  This was a very emotional event.  The group from social services is so excited to be able to offer this kind of shelter to their clients and everyone agreed that the the entire location was a class act with top quality and care taken to make it as comfortable and relaxing an atmosphere as possible.

I am so proud to see CAC involved in such an important project that will have an ongoing, life-changing impact on this community.

Eric McKenzie

4 thoughts on “Dream Mountain’s Crisis Centre for Women and Children

  1. Timothy Ross

    So glad I was able to help. When we climbed Kilimanjaro it was one step at a time. Being at the opening was a humbling and proud experience. Just amazed at what was done. Fond memories for years to come.

  2. Randy Veinotte

    Congratulations to everyone involved with the opening of the women’s shelter. You have done a wonderfull job with the space provided. I was fortunate enough to be in Belarus when Dave Shaw and our group had the first look at the potential site. The transformation is outstanding!!

  3. vika

    Wow! I can’t believe you all had lasted and fought for so long to accomplish all of this! This is undrescribable. You all should be sooo proud of youtselfs. I hope you have time to enjoy and rest for yourself!

  4. connie lou Sebast

    once again, i am blown away by the dedication and commitment of so many people.

    i didn’t know you were in Belaruse, Eric.

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