Mission Successfully Completed!

Sorry to miss a couple of days but we have been wrapping things up and then starting our journey home.

Poultry Barn for the Chausy Orphanage

With the exception of water and electricity, the Poultry Barn is finally complete!  It has been a long stretch getting it together but everyone has worked really hard and made it happen.  Here is a shot from the front …

and here is the back, which shows the ventilation equipment.

At this time we would like to acknowledge those who have made this project possible.  As with all of our initiatives, we rely on our community to support us.

First to step up to the plate was our long time supporters, Heather Howard of 1000 Islands Duty Free and Jeff & Leanne Butler of FreeNorth Duty Free Inc.

Mike Lasalle Construction donated time and knowledge to pre-build the barn in Brockville and prepare it for shipment.

In memoriams to the late Ken Shaw provided funding for the foundation, water and electrical systems.

Canarm of Brockville (Agricultural Division) donated the ventilation system for the barn.

Clark Ag Systems of Caledonia Ontario donated the cages for the birds.  This is a state of the art intelligent layer cage system.  Here is a picture of the cages from their website.

Egg Farmers of Ontario provided the funding for the shipping of the barn and cages to Belarus.  A donation was also arranged by Peter Mumford of Elanco a division of Eli Lilly.

A team from Burnbrae Farms of Lyn, Ontario, lead by Helen Anne Hudson, provided the technical drawings for the barn.  Helen Anne will be joining our delegation in June to educate the students and agricultural staff at the Chausy Orphanage on proper nutrition and care for the birds.  She has been sourcing contacts in Eastern Europe, through the poultry industry.  Hendrix Genetics B.V. and Aviagen have expressed interest in providing the birds and food.  The current plan is to introduce 120 laying hens and 50 broilers.  This should provide every child in the orphanage with “an egg a day” and a plentiful source of meat.

Dream Mountains Crisis Centre for Women and Children

As I type this blog, four climbers from the Brockville area are on Mount Kilamanjaro in Africa.  They are climbing to raise $20,000 towards the first phase of construction of an “Interval House” style crisis centre for women and children in the Chausy region in Belarus.  Shawn Dawson, Bob Van Blittlerswyk, Stuart Spurrell and Timothy Ross are raising funds for Canadian Aid for Chernobyl on this climb as part of Shawn’s Dream Mountains Foundations – 7 Summits for 7 Charities.

Prior to leaving Chausy this trip, Dave Shaw met with Mayor Anatoly  Matulyn, the Deputy Mayor and the Head of Social Services, a meeting that resulted in a signed partnership agreement between CAC and the Chausy Regional Authority.  The Crisis Centre will be located in an ideal location.  It will be part of the existing Social Services building providing easy access to services, care and family counseling and it is right across the street from the local police station.  Here is a picture of the building.

CAC is thrilled to have the opportunity to initiate a safe house, unlike anything currently in Belarus, that will focus solely on women and children in crisis.  There is a great need due to high rates of domestic violence in the region caused by poverty driven alcoholism.

This concept (new to Belarus), as presented by Dave, has been enthusiastically embraced by local authorities without hesitation.  This would not have been achieved Without CAC’s reputation and lengthy track record of successes, including; forming an organization for invalid children, introducing the agricultural program to the Chausy Orphanage, the  Malcomson Home for Family Living and lobbying for duty and tax exemptions for all foreign charitable organizations.

I am posting this from the airport in Frankfurt, Germany on our way home and a much needed return to families and a normal routine.  Thanks to all of you for following along on our journey and for all of your support. Remember without you, our community, none of this would be possible.

Eric McKenzie

6 thoughts on “Mission Successfully Completed!

  1. connie lou sebast

    An amazing trip, with incredible results that will go on and on…

    And a shelter for women and chilren too…

    A great job by all involved!

  2. vika

    YEY! It looks great, i watched you guys work very hard and persistant. I assure you that some person at least once going to try maybe have a knap there before chicken come. ;P

  3. Peggy McKenzie

    Pat you make me smile!!

    Who knew SO much could be accomplished in two short weeks!

  4. Pat Yuille

    Coupe on the Hill

    There once was a rooster called Nikita,
    Who heard of some chicks makin’ “Yitsa” and “Measa”
    All these girls in a coupe – with no guy in the troupe
    Was a dream come true for Nikita!

    Now the word on the street was “Kanatski’s”!
    Who’d built a coupe, a long way from Lousy!
    So Nikita set out, to locate this “hideout”,
    In a village known to all as Chaussy!

    Now the guy in charge was Vitaly,
    Who scored each hen and each egg on a tally.
    No feisty “Pitou”, could ever ensue
    The chicks on the hill for a rally!

    What a “palace” this coupe for “chick storage”!
    He knew the eggs sat next to the porridge,
    For each child fed now at the Orphanage,
    He crowed and he crowed – no homage bestowed
    No hens could Nikita begin to ravage.

    The Folks at BurnBrae will not know
    Of the rooster who will now not crow,
    His heart is now mush, for the chicks he was flush
    His genes won’t ever get the chance to show!

    Paddy the Poet

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