A Quiet Day in Chausy

A second blog by guest blogger Margaret Campbell:

Margaret’s Blog – Monday March 21, 2011

Today was a quiet day. We inventoried the tools available at the Orphanage.  We’re trying to have everything ready.  At this point, the containers are still frozen in port at Riga.  They still must be trucked here and clear customs before we can start building.  We will be short of time so we must have everything ready.

More old prefabricated cement piers were added to help contain the gravel.  The tractor we purchased in 2007 gets used for all sorts of things.

Yesterday, David noticed that when we were done using the tractor, they were draining the water out of the radiator.  It turns out, in the winter, they fill and empty the radiator each time they use the tractor.  When we bought the tractor, there was no antifreeze included as we purchased it in the spring.  If you buy a tractor in the fall, it includes antifreeze.  So, today we  purchased 40 litres of antifreeze and filled the tractor.  Tonight, they were happy not to have to drain the tractor.  Small things can make a big difference.

Margaret Campbell

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Day in Chausy

  1. Doug Cleary

    Not a bad way to do it, especially if antifreeze costs much. In the winter hot water can be poured in. Makes starting easier when it is cold.

  2. Alex McKenzie

    Hard to believe they have been filling and emptying the rad in the tractor since 2007. It’s too bad nothing was said.

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