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What a Dream Can Do! – Annual General Meeting

What a Dream Can Do!

This is the theme of this years upcoming initiatives as well as the theme of our AGM this Wednesday November 24th.  Please plan to attend as it promises to be a very exciting evening.  Whether you are a current, past member or just interested in what we are doing, everyone is welcome.  Please bring your family and friends as well, we would like to have a large turnout.  Along with the very brief business meeting we will be having presentations from Dave Shaw on our current initiatives, Neil Matheson on the Guardian Angel Program and Stephen MacKinnon on the Internet Program at the Chausy Orphanage.  We will also be having a very special presentation by:

Nastia Pestava

Nastia grew up in the Chausy Orphanage and then was lucky enough to come to Canada where she has completed school and is now employed as a Nurse in Ottawa.  Nastia is going to bring to life the very real changes that we have helped to make at the Chausy Orphanage and the impact they are having on all of the children who currently live there based on her return visit in September.  Here is a picture of Nastia at the orphanage, when she was about 9 years old, taken during one of the first trips to Chausy:

And here she is today Continue reading