Day Number 2 – Organization Day

Before any real work can be done we are all required to register with the local police station. This requires several pages of forms, as well as paying a fee at the Bank. Our interpreters were fantastic, without them we would never be able to complete this simple task. Here Marina and Katya work out filling out the necessary

Of course we were very patient sitting through this 2 hour process. Here Riley, Jann and Lauren put on there best faces as we wait:

Back at the gym the real work of organizing several thousand boxes by region, family and/or group takes a long time. The delegation as well as our interpreters and drivers all pitched in to help. By the end of today we had all of the family boxes organized and many of them delivered.

Tomorrow we will start delivering the family boxes and have some picked up as well as preparing the rest of the aid for delivery. The amount of work and preparation is almost overwhelming! But the payback is worth it.

Stay tuned!

Eric McKenzie

5 thoughts on “Day Number 2 – Organization Day

  1. Annis

    Eric. Great to see everyone & all that’s going on (It makes me jealous -) Wish I was there. So nice to see all the familiar faces. This is the next best thing to being there. HELLO to everyone & JOB WELL DONE!!! Annis.

  2. connie lou

    the organizing behind this effort is overwhelming just thinking about it! once again great job all who are there and all who helped getting the things there.

  3. Eric McKenzie Post author

    Thanks Cally for your comments and for all of your help sorting clothes! It is a great community initiative!
    Yes Michael, last year we only had one and a half containers in the gym, this year it is 4.5!

  4. Cally

    Once again I am in awe of the wonderful work you people do and much more cognisant of why other relief packages from here never end up where they were intended to go. Who says that angels don’t exist? I know there are many in Belarus!right now!!!!!!

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