Daily Archives: March 29, 2009

Guardian Angel Families Pick Up Packages

Today we continued to sort boxes in the gym while most of the families in the Guardian Angel Program came by to pick up the food boxes and personal boxes sent to them by their Canadian Sponsors. This is a very enjoyable day as we get to see many familiar faces and lots of children who have grown and matured in the past year. Here, Cathy Boone, one of our delegates holds a new baby (don’t worry Byron, he doesn’t have a visa!).

This is Neil Matheson our coordinator for the Guardian Angel Program with Irina Denisyenko who heads up this intiative in Belarus. She is a wonderful woman who cares for all of the families in the program. It is amazing how much this one woman can accomplish!

Irina got on the phone and soon the families started to arrive. We had a constant line-up all afternoon:

This kept the rest of us delegates hopping to keep up finding the correct boxes for each family.

This boy has been to Brockville in the past and he was very pleased to receive a bicycle this year. He never stopped smiling from the moment he first saw it!

We are hoping that tomorrow more aid will be released from Customs Bond so we can really start to clear out the gym.