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“Extreme Makeover – Home Edition” – CAC Style!

One of our most exciting new initiatives for this year is now a sure thing!  Thanks to a $15,000 U.S donated last year by Don and Shirley Green of Brockville and a brand new donation today of $35,000 U.S. by Dave and Pamela Malcomson of Kanata, this dream is now a reality!  The plan is to take an existing building on the Chausy Orphanage property, seen here:

This is the inside:

Rebuild it with siding and windows like this house:

a roof like this house:

and add an outdoor stage similar to this play structure:

and make it into a house for the children at the orphanage to have a chance to to learn what it is like to live in a home.  Not only will they learn life skills like buying groceries, preparing meals and doing laundry, but it will help them build self-esteem, self-confidence and most importantly … self-worth!

Last September we initiated an agreement between the Belarus Department of Education, the Chausy Orphanage, the Department of Humanitarian Aid and CAC to rebuild this house into a home on the Chausy Orphanage property.  Typically children graduate and leave the orphanage with little or no life or family skills or any understanding of a healthy family environment.  Children will earn the opportunity to spend a weekend with their friends (under supervision and guidance) in this home where they will learn these vital skills.  They will also plant a kitchen garden to supplement the food and preserve for the winter.

You can help with all of our orphan initiatives by clicking on the “Donate Now” button on the right side of this page (scroll up) and donating to “Orphan Intiatives”.

Click here to see a complete list of our 2009 spring initiatives.

We may take longer than 7 days, and we may not get to yell “move that bus”, but I can’t wait to see the kids faces when this initiative is complete!  Thank you so much for your support, together we are making a difference!

Eric McKenzie

More Goods in for Shipment

We received several loads of donated goods today.  It started with a delivery from the Chesterville Rotary club.  They brought us 80 boxes for newborns, which will be given to the Chausy Hopsital to hand out to new mothers.  The boxes contain everything from baby bottles to baby clothes and are packed specifically for either a boy or a girl.  They also brought 50 boxes of clothing, toys and medical supplies for the hospital and the orphanage, sorted and packed.  Seen in the picture below are Bob Gilroy, Mike Cassell, Mike Urquart and Mary Nysten who tells me they are already started working on next years boxes!

We also had a few of the Air Cadets from 870 Vampire Squadron volunteering to prepare the boxes we have collected to pack as food boxes.  We currently have 650 banana boxes that have been collected from the local grocery stores.  The volunteers pulled them apart and separated the tops and bottoms, bundled the paper and plastic from inside and re-piled them in groups of tops and bottoms in preparation for the Rotary Clubs food packing night.  These boxes will contain 70 pounds of staple food (flour, sugar, pasta, peanut butter etc. etc.) that can be purchased either for a specific family, or to be donated to a needy family living in the contaminated zone.  Click here for more info.  Seen below are two of the Air Cadets: Tom Good and Micah Baerwald.

Long time volunteers, host family and delegates to Belarus, the Cleary family was also helping today.  Seen below are Fiona Cleary and her Mom Mary Cleary-Whalen.

Sam Cleary is seen below helping to unload the truck that came from Jennifer Hopson and her friends in the Brantford area.  They managed to collect 65 bicycles as well as clothing and sports equipment.

Here are most of the bikes.

All in all a productive day!

Our firefighter volunteers continue to work hard getting the 4 firetrucks ready to go and we still have family parcels to collect, label and organise.  Plus all of the goods need to be sorted, inventoried and organized by final location and container.   Loaded into containers and shipped by the 21st of February.  Stay tuned, there is more to come!

Eric McKenzie

Ridgetown Arrives!

Our good friends from Ridgetown Ontario arrived in Brockville this morning with a tractor trailer loaded with with goods to go to Belarus.  Thankfully we had a lot of volunteers to help and the work went quickly!  Thanks to all of you … you know who you are!

Here are Margaret and David Campbell of Ridgetown organizing a few of the boxes they brought:

Included in the shipment were may boxes of clothing, wheelchairs, bicycles and some agricultural equipment for the Chausy Orphanage.  Here is the group unloading the clothing boxes at the sorting centre:

Here is a bin full of tools for the orphanage coming off at the Shorewood Warehouse which has been donated until the containers leave in February:

A very big thanks goes to David Campbell’s brother Paul, who donated his time and his truck again this year to make the 1,200 kilometer round trip.  Here is Paul Campbell with his rig:

Preparation for this years trip is well under way, but there is a lot more to do before the containers leave in late February, so stay tuned!

Eric McKenzie