And the Auction Winners are … the Children!

$1,000 Subsidy for Every Child!

With the huge success of Canadian Aid for Chernobyl’s summer Gala Dinner/Auction, the Board of Directors has announced that the funds will be used to lower the cost of bringing a child for the summer of 2009.  Approved applications for the first 20 returning children and the first 17 new children will be credited with $1,000 each towards the travel costs, which last year were approximately $2,000.  This, along with other fund raising opportunities allows all host families the ability to raise 100% of the cost to bring a child.

With our children’s program numbers dwindling to an all time low of 20 children in 2008 it was felt that something had to be done to revitalize the program.  The generosity of individuals, businesses and corporations in the community, through this auction, has given us the ability to make hosting a child more affordable.  Most importantly it is the children who will directly benefit from every dollar raised!

If you are planning to bring a child next summer (returning or new), get your application in soon,  or if you know someone who has been considering hosting, please pass this message on to them.  We would love nothing more than to see 37 smiling children arriving here next summer.  All forms and applications are available by clicking here or on the “Forms” link on the left side of this page.  Please return them to Rhona Dixon (613.342.2709) as soon as possible, the deadline is November 19th!

Thanks to everyone who helped or participated, this is a success to celebrate!

Eric McKenzie

PS:  Here are a few motivational pictures:

2 thoughts on “And the Auction Winners are … the Children!

  1. Eric McKenzie Post author

    Thanks for your kind comments Kate.
    Yes all countries except Italy are effected by this situation (Italy currently has a treaty in place due to a similar incident 2 years ago). We are currently working hard to negotiate a treaty between Canada, CAC & Belarus and are cautiously optimistic that one can be reached in time for next years program.

  2. Kate Van Dyck

    Congratulations to the successful auction fund raiser!! That is wonderful that most of each child’s costs will be covered by the generous donors at the auction! Your program is truly an inspiration to all of us!

    Has your country’s program been at all effected by the situation in the US- with the California COC program having a 16 yr old visiting child refusing to return with her group? Her host family hired an immigration lawyer for her and support her desire to stay. Due to that decision, the Belarusian gov’t has banned all respite visits to the US. Of course, we are devastated by the ban and shocked at the host family’s actions. The host mother was a leader in her program and knew the consequences. So hard to accept for those of us who honor the promise to provide safe haven and also to return the children to their families on time.

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