Brampton Boasts Bicycles for Belarus!

Jennifer Hopson, who you have met in previous posts, held a day to collect bicycles to go to the orphanages in Belarus … and what a successful day it was! Here is an e-mail I received from her today:

Hi CAC Members,

What a fun day we had yesterday collecting bikes at the new Brampton Hospital. Total = 65 + 2 scooters!

Bob Hopson and his trailer load of bikes!

Bob’s sister, Dianne helped us and was fondly called, “a Vulture” as she flagged down cars to hospital parking lot 6.


The picture of the man taking a bike out of his trunk is one that we may send to the papers as he returned three times with more bikes.


The blue and white 70th Anniversary edition CCM ladies bicycle with white wall tires had never been used so will be put it in our Live Auction at the Valentine Dance 2009.


Bikes are now stored in a container at Charlie’s warehouse in Bolton until the next CAC shipment.
Brockville, the bike challenge has begun!

Take care,
Jennifer and Bob


What a great event and the kids in the orphanages will be thrilled with the bikes. I can’t wait to deliver them next year!


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