New Beds at the Chausy Orphanage

This morning a few of us arrived at the Chausy Orphanage to help assemble new beds. After a couple of the girls from the orphanage visited the girls Orphanage in Mogelev last fall with Dave Shaw, Dave realized that of all the improvements we have made at the orphanage we had not done anything in the children’s bedrooms. The money was raised and the furniture purchased and had now arrived.

I found this scene outside the sport gym after our game yesterday:


Since the kids missed school due to our field trip to Mogelev they had Friday’s classes on Saturday. This is one of the gym classes out for a game of volleyball:


We wnet upstairs in the residence building and met with one of the maintenance men who we were helping to build the beds. We had purchased 100 beds, 100 bedside tables and 50 wardrobes! The first of each item were slow to build as we had to figure out the process and things got faster after that:


Here is the first bed nearing completion:


Here is a shot of the old beds:

Old Beds

Here is one of the old wardrobes. The door was virtually falling off this one when I asked one of the kids to open it for me:


Here are two new beds and one bedside table:

new beds

Here are some of the girls checking out their new wardrobe:


The kids were very excited about the new furniture and I think they really felt how important they are to us … now they can’t wait for each of their rooms to be finished!

Later that evening Alex and I were out visiting family and came upon this chainsaw for cutting firewood … it was really heavy:



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  1. vika

    there is a lil girl Tania checking the wardraw…but guess what??? she is not litle at all anymore…my godness!!!

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