Two things occurred today to inspire me to create a short video.

The first was the news that a little girl at the Chausy Orphanage, who I met last spring, was now being supported by a Brockville family. Svetlana has leukemia and she really won a little place in my heart last year. She and her sister were moved to this orphanage because it had a better nutrition program than any other orphanage thanks to Canadian Aid for Chernobyl. However a local family is now supplementing that program to help the orphanage provide her with even better food including more fresh fruit and vegetables.

The second was an e-mail from a man in New Zealand who found us on the net and really enjoyed my videos from 2006 and has been asking me to make some more. He has also made donations to the organization to directly help children in Belarus and his most recent will go to purchase educational toys for the children in the “Invalid Children” Orphanage.

Isn’t the world a great place! Everyday this organization finds ways to inspire me and others to do good things … and together we are making a difference! Although this is more of a “Public Service Announcement” then a video, these are the thoughts that filled my head today!

Enjoy the short video:

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