Three Down and Three To Go!

Tonight we managed to get 2 more containers loaded which leaves us 3 more to load. Container 3 was loaded with skids of Tide donated by Procter and Gamble so they were easy to load using a forktruck.

Container #3

Container number two is loaded with family packages for our friends in Belarus, packages and necessities for the families in the Guardian Angel Program as well as Shoe Boxes for Seniors, Handmade Quilts for the orphanages from the 1000 Islands Quilt Guild, new shoes donated locally, wheelchairs and other devices as well as two pallets of Tide.

Here are the boys hard at loading:

Loading Can 2

and here it is fully loaded:

Can 2 Full

We seem to be seeing the same faces everyday and it would be nice to see a few new ones on Saturday and Sunday Feb 23 and 24 at 10 AM at Kriska in Prescott! We have a lot of sorting and organizing to do to get these last 3 containers filled so even if you can’t lift we can probably find a job for you!


1 thought on “Three Down and Three To Go!

  1. Jennifer Hopson

    Wish that my friends and family lived closer to give you a hand or two. I’m excited seeing all the boxes and visualizing the smiles on the faces of our friends in Belarus.
    Bless you all.

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