Long Day – Inventory Done!

Well we didn’t load any containers today but we had a long day organizing and inventorying everything to prepare for tomorrow. We set up areas for each final delivery location and then sorted the boxes, palletized them, inventoried them and put them in the final location. This will make loading the containers very quick tomorrow as well as much easier to control the inventory. It is critical to have an accurate inventory or we can end up tied up with Customs in Belarus, this would be a big problem as we have a limited time to deliver when we are there.

Here are some pictures of 3 of the location. The first is for the Chausy Orphanage:

Chausy Orphanage section

This is for the Chausy Hospital:

Chausy Hospital Section

and this long line is for Invalid Children and there families:

Invalid Children Section

Tomorrow we are hoping to load two containers simultaneously and really need lots of help. If we get enough people it should only take a couple of hours. If you are available please be at the East end of the Kriska Warehouse in Prescott for 10 AM.