Daily Archives: January 26, 2008

The Work Begins!

That title is a little deceiving because of course a lot of work has gone on all year to get to this point. However, we had a huge truckload arrive in Brockville today from our good friends in Ridgetown, Ontario. They brought with them a huge amount of clothing as well as household goods, tools, bicycles and more.

Here is a picture from last night in Ridgetown where members of the local United Church had just finished loading the truck.

Ridgetown Load

Margaret and David Campbell joined David’s brother Paul in the truck at 3:00 AM for the trek to Brockville. They arrived at about 9:15 AM and no time was wasted starting the unloading.

Unloading at D&D Warehouse

Here is shot of (left to right) Paul, Margaret and David Campbell with the pile of clothing boxes that have been unloaded:

The Campbells!

I have to stick a plug in here and a big thank you to Doug & Deb Brooks of D&D Tree Service for donating the use of this great space. Without it, I don’t know where we would have put all this stuff! Rhona will be sorting it over the next couple of weeks and will need lots of help so feel free to volunteer as many hours as you like!

D&D Tree Service

Next we took the truck to the former Glenwood Medical Centre building, graciously donated by Tom Blanchard. In fact Tom has let us use this building as our main clothing sorting centre for more than a year now! We took advantage of having the truck and helpers to load all of the boxes that are ready to ship and take them to the Kriska Warehouse.


Here are some of our great volunteers lugging boxes:

Lugging boxes

Next we went to the warehouse owned by Kriska Transport in Prescott. Mark Seymour graciously donated over 10,000 square feet which will become the hub for loading the 6 containers we intend to ship this year.


One of our volunteers moving a pallet with a hand truck:


Murray Ferguson using a fork truck to unload some of the pallets we packed at Glenwood.


All in all a great day with many more to come. Please volunteer any chance you get, we really need the help and we have a lot to do between now and the end of February!