April 26 – CBC TV Interview with Dave and Vicka

Just in case you missed it, our very own Dave and Vicka were interviewed on CBC TV on the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. I am posting it here to give everyone an opportunity to see it.

I know I am behind in my posts and I promise to have my next one up this weekend.


If you can’t see the video you need Flash Player 8, click here to get it. Reboot your computer once it is installed

5 thoughts on “April 26 – CBC TV Interview with Dave and Vicka

  1. Chris Cochrane

    Enough interest has been generated by this interview that CNN wants to explore the possibility of including CAC in an upcoming program, hosted by John Roberts.
    We’re interested in any footage you may have.
    Are you aware CNN aired the best portion of this CBC interview last Sunday?

    Chris Cochrane

  2. Michael

    Vika you did great….. and Dave…. not bad either.

    Eric Great job with the blog.

    All the best Michael

  3. Jim Boone

    This is an excellent interview and its on CBC my first Love.I am Canadian first and Brockvlog next.Very interesting about how these poor children were treated.

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