Loading the Containers

I am posting this preliminary post, prior to leaving for Belarus, in order to help me set up the vlog and give you some background on this and previous shipments. I am including a video that I did originally as a piece for a local online news vlog called BrockVlog. BrockVlog is sort of a lighthearted look at things going on in and around Brockville.

If you have not already got it, you will need the latest version of Apple Quicktime (version 7). There is a link below the video window to the Apple website where you can go to get this software. Once you have downloaded it to your desktop you will need to double click on it to install it to your computer, after that the video below should work. Just wait for a minute for it to start downloading, then click on the play button.

Since I will not have access to the Internet while I am there, I will be posting, with notes and video, when I return. See the About page for more info. Please feel free to leave me comments by clicking on the comment link below or contact me through the Contact link at the top of the page.

Thanks for your participation,


If you can’t see the video you need Flash Player 8, click here to get it. Reboot your computer once it is installed

2 thoughts on “Loading the Containers

  1. Michael trussell

    Great job Eric thanks for representing Canada this way and helping all those in need. Be careful over there and no protesting…….

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