Relief from Radiation – In Country

While waiting for the release of our shipment from Customs bond we went for a drive to visit the children of the Chausy Orphanage. They are currently staying at a “sanatorium”  a little less than an hour from Chausy.  When we arrived, the children, who were outside, spotted us and came running to greet us. They were very excited that the Canadians had arrived and we received many hugs, handshakes and high fives.

All children living in the Chernobyl contaminated regions are sent outside of the region for relief from the radiation for 18 days every year. Their teachers accompany them and they Continue reading

Vision for Change

We had an opportunity to meet with our long time friend Vitalli.  Previously he was the director of the Chausy Orphanage where we have helped to make many improvements under his leadership.  Next he moved into the Chausy Municipal administration as a Deputy Mayor. He again helped us in this capacity to develop programs and make changes to help the schools and community.  Three months ago he moved into the position of Director of the Juvenile Detention Centre in Mogilev, the capital of the region. The delegation was invited to meet with him and tour the facility.  Here is Vitalli with a few members of the delegation.

Vitalli explained that he missed working directly with the children and making a difference in their lives, so when this opportunity presented itself, he jumped at the chance.  Continue reading

A Home for Ilya

Our delegation is arriving in Belarus this week and we are still waiting for permission to begin delivery of our 2 containers of aid that we shipped this year.  In the meantime we are preparing our other initiatives and meeting with our partners and friends.

Today we went to visit our friend Ilya who was very excited to see Rhona who had hosted him for several summers in Brockville.We first met Ilya in 2008 while touring the Chausy Hospital. Continue reading