A Day of Celebration

Today was party day in Chausy! We started the day with the entire delegation meeting at a local restaurant for our “Day of the Angel” party.  Here is the delegation on the front steps.

This party is held twice per year and celebrates the birthdays of half of the children in the local “Organisation for Families with Invalid Children”. Continue reading

Not Even in Their Dreams!

Today we started the projects to bring water to two more needy families.  On our way to the first we passed this park.

It is a comfortable place to have picnics and BBQ’s and go for a walk in the woods, however it comes with a warning that the area is contaminated with radiation and you should not pick or eat the berries or mushrooms. A grim reminder of the reality of living in a region contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster 32 years ago. Continue reading

Water is Life!

Today we got started with our initiative to bring running water to needy families.  Our first family is in the small village of Vileyka about 5 kilometres from Chausy.  This family lives in a tiny home with 3 rooms and includes a Mother, Father, 3 children and a Grandmother. Today the well was drilled and the casing put in. Margaret Campbell, from Chatham, ON, is sponsoring this project and raised the funds to bring water to 3 families.  Here is Margaret with the mother, father, and 3 children in front of the new well head.

Since the area has very sandy soil and no rock like our home region, the driller is able to use a very small drilling rig on a trailer.  Continue reading