Agriculture Program

After years of operating the Chausy Orphanage with critical food shortage in late winter and early spring, In 2005, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl introduced the Agricultural Program. Through the support of our donors, we provided the machinery and equipment and seeds needed to harvest sufficient potatoes and various vegetables for the entire year. In fact, for the last two harvests they have yielded a surplus and the children took their produce to market.
This year, we appealed to our supporters to help us expand this program and we built a state of the art poultry barn and delivered it to the orphanage in April. We returned in June with poultry specialists and purchased 100 laying hens and 50 broilers. In September, the hens were yielding 90 eggs a day, and the orphanage was raising a 2nd round of 50 broilers!
This year, CAC is just looking for funds in our agricultural program to provide feed for the layers and broilers.

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