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The Canadians are Coming!

Not only is our delegation starting to get excited for the upcoming trip to Belarus, but the people of the Chausy area are getting excited too!  After 18 years of annual deliveries and interaction, the Canadians arrival has become a regional tradition and of course the children cannot remember a time when we didn’t come!


Our fund raising is going incredibly well.  The food box program is now Continue reading

Why do we use the word “Invalid”

Before we give you some more information on our initiatives to help the physically, mentally and medically challenged, let me give you an update on our food box program.

At this point we have had donations to cover the cost of 340 out of the 600 food boxes we targeted.  Based on this number we made a decision to go ahead and purchase groceries for all 600.  We are getting close to having to ship our containers so the food boxes needed to be packed.  Last evening a great group of enthusiastic volunteers arrived at the warehouse.  Members of both the Brockville Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of the 1000 Islands were out as well as many other friends of CAC.

2015FoodBoxIn a little less than 1-1/2 hours all 600 boxes were packed and ready to go!  There are still 260 boxes available for donations or delivery to a Continue reading