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Everything is Loaded and On It’s Way!

It has been a very busy month.  We held our “Family Parcel Days” on February 13th and 14th, this was an opportunity for everyone to bring in boxes and parcels that they would like delivered to their “families” in Belarus.  This could be anyone that is being supported in any way, whether it is the family of a child who has been hosted here in Canada, a student in our Orphan Education Program, Families in the Guardian Angel Program or anyone with a connection living in the contaminated regions that we work in.  We received many parcels that we labeled and inventoried for the delivery.  Here Margaret Campbell from Ridgetown, Ontario finalizes her paperwork and payment with Mike Waldron our Treasurer.


Once all of the inventorying is complete on all of these parcels, as well as everything else that we have been collecting and sorting for the past year, it is time to load the containers.  We spent two evenings and last Saturday morning completing that task.  We had quite a collection of helpers and I would like to thank all of them for their hard work.  It is a big job but everyone seemed to have fun doing it.  Here Dan McKenzie, who traveled to Belarus with the delegation last year, and Stephen MacKinnon, a member of the Board of Directors who will be traveling to Belarus this month, take a turn at loading the first container.


Here is one of the containers loaded and ready to go.  Packing everything in banana boxes this year really helped with the loading process.  It is also going to make it much easier for unloading and delivering on the other end.  Thanks to everyone for cooperating with this request.


I know the delegates are getting excited to get going and it wont be long now as most will be arriving in Belarus between March 24th and 28th.  If you have not already done so, please take a moment to subscribe to this blog (on the right hand side of this page near the top, or send me an e-mail) this way you will be sent an e-mail each time I update the blog while we are in Belarus.

Thanks for tuning in!

Eric McKenzie

Grocery Packing Sets a New Record!

What a great night!  A small army of volunteers set a record by packing 750 food boxes in 75 minutes … that’s only 6 seconds per box!  We had the assembly line set up and ready to go before the volunteers arrived:


Volunteers included many members of the local Rotary Clubs, students from Fulford academy and BCI as well as Canadian Aid for Chernobyl members. and friends.


Here some of the Rotarians get the boxes started on there way down the line.


Here is what 750 food boxes look like!


We got them packed, now we need you to buy them!  These boxes will be hand delivered by members of Canadian Aid for Chernobyl to seniors on minimal pensions, single mothers or families on social assistance and families with invalid children.  They will be delivered in early spring when their preserves are depleted and these staples badly needed.  Currently we have less than 300 boxes sold so there are plenty available and we need to sell them soon!  A mere $50 will pay for one of these boxes and help someone in dire need.  There are many ways to make this donation (and you will receive a tax receipt) you can click on the “Donate Now” button on the right side of your screen, click on the “What Can You Do?” link on the left side or drop into Alan Browns Men’s Wear in downtown Brockville and personally hand Dave a cheque.  We will also be at the warehouse (East end of the Shorewood Packaging building at 1291 California Ave.) from 10 Am – 4 PM Saturday Feb 13 and Sunday Feb 14 if you want to drop in and buy your food boxes there.

Thanks for your support and thanks to all of our amazing volunteers!

Eric McKenzie

Donations from Ridgetown Arrive!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Today we had a truckload of donations from our good friends in Ridgetown, Ontario arrive.  Margaret and David Campbell have been collecting donations and David’s brother Paul hauled it down in his truck.  Thanks to all of them for their great work on our behalf!  Here are a few of our volunteers hard at work.

Mary Cleary totes a box out of the almost empty truck.


Annis Moreau, Lisa Axworthy and Rhona Dixon are having way too much fun in this photo:


Murray Ferguson managed to get some of our volunteers to prepare the banana boxes he has been collecting for the food box packing coming up in February.


Stay tuned as we will be posting our spring initiatives soon as well as updates from our ongoing initiatives.

Eric McKenzie

PS:  just after I posted this Margaret Campbell sent me a great picture of the gang in Ridgetown who helped to collect and load the donations so I am adding it here … thanks to all of you!