Daily Archives: April 11, 2014

Around the Town in Chausy!

Today was a beautiful sunny day with a high of about ten degrees C.  One of the things that has really helped us coordinate everything over the past few years is the availability of cell phones.  Unlike Canada, cell phone usage is unbelievably inexpensive here.  We are able to get a SIM card for about $3.00 and usage is also very cheap.  I use mine to connect to the internet and it allows me to keep up with what is going on as well as post this blog and pictures to Facebook.  Although this picture is a little staged it is not an uncommon site as we coordinate between delegates, drivers and interpreters. 


With the nice weather I decided to grab a few pictures around the region to give you a Continue reading

Wallpaper, Concert and Pizza Memories!

Another great day for the delegation!  Today the Orphanage children put on their annual concert for us.  First we stopped in to see the progress on the bedroom renovation.  Our teams have been hard at work and have most of the wallpapering complete in two of the rooms.  Here Mary Whalen shows us the room she was working on.


Here is Anya in the room that she Continue reading