Unloaded and Ready to Wait!

First thing this morning we headed over to the police station to complete the registration process.  Here Masha, one of our interpreters, is finalizing the paperwork!

The third and final container arrived today and we got it all unloaded and put in the gymnasium at the school.

This is a real community event.  Many people from the area come to help us unload and organize the boxes.  Everything from the containers is now in bond.  The Custom’s Officials have been fantastic and now we just wait for the President to sign off on it’s release.  We are truly hoping it will be in time for us to start out deliveries this weekend in order for us to complete all of our projects in time.

It is also an opportunity to catch up with some of our friends.  Here Neil Matheson, Coordinator of the Guardian Angel Program, talks with a mother about the health of her child.

It is also March break in Belarus.  Since approximately 70% of the children in the orphanage are not true orphans (they have family, but have had their rights taken away due to alcohol or abuse) many of the children are sent to be with family (Aunts/Uncles or Grandparents).  The 30 or so children still at the orphanage are working on projects or helping out around the orphanage.

Here some of the girls are playing on a trampoline in the gym while

some others are playing ping pong.

Yanna is helping out in the Computer room with some internet projects being worked on by Stephen MacKinnon.  Yanna is a bi-athlete who competes on the orphanage team and this year finished in second place in the entire Mogilev Region!

Here Stephen MacKinnon works with the computer instructor Sasha with the help of Vika as an interpreter.

Meanwhile outside, the gravel has finally arrived for the foundation of the Poultry Barn.

By the end of the day the gravel is in place, leveled and ready to start building forms in the morning!

Now I am so tired that my head keeps adding extra spaces in the text and I have an early start tomorrow.  Tune in then for more updates!

Eric McKenzie

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  1. Jim Boone

    Chicken coop ready to go,glad the gravel finally arrived. Hope the goods are signed off soon so you can deliver them.

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