Firetrucks are on their way to Belarus!

After a lot of hard work and some shipping complications, the two pumper trucks are finally on route to Belarus.  Unfortunately they will not be on the same ship as the containers, as it only carries containers, but they are currently scheduled to arrive in Riga, Latvia at the same time.  Here is one of the trucks emerging from the Shorewood warehouse on Wednesday:

The two trucks had to be driven to Montreal to be loaded on “low-boy” trailers to be hauled to Halifax.  Here is their last stop at a Tim Hortons before leaving for overseas!

Here one of the trucks is backed onto the trailer:

Two companies helped us with the Logistics, (L to R) Marvin of LaFrance and Greg of Fastrax pose with Kenny Sine and Paul Asmis (our firefighters) before hooking up:

One of the trucks starts it’s journey from Montreal to Mogilev via Halifax & Riga, Latvia.

I can’t wait to see them on the other side and more importantly see them put into service with the help of our four firefighters.  I will keep you posted.

Eric McKenzie

4 thoughts on “Firetrucks are on their way to Belarus!

  1. Eric McKenzie Post author

    Margie, the support is coming in but not yet complete, we are confident that the balance will come in over the next week or so.

    Jann, you have also done a great deal of work in support of the firefighters and this project! Thanks!

    Mary, Thanks for your support. You and your Rotary Group have also contributed and we really appreciate it. The boxes for newborns and their Mom’s will make a tremendous difference in the start of these children’s lives. Thanks.

  2. Mary Nysten

    You have all done an amazing job and I’m sure your efforts will be well received in Belarus. Congratulations and a safe trip over.

  3. Jann

    Congratulations to Ken, Paul, Tim and Jeff for an amazing job of putting this project together.

  4. Margie

    That’s great that you found the support to send the firetrucks!
    It’s amazing what community support and action can achieve!

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