New Children for the Relief from Radiation Program

Today was a really fun day!  We have 3 new children coming to Canada this summer as part of our Relief from Radiation program and I had the good fortune to go and meet the children and their families! 

This little girls name is Sveta, she is 10 years old and she has a guinea pig!  She is very excited to be coming to Canada and can’t wait to meet her Canadian host family.


Marina, the little girl in this picture, is also 10 years old and has been Continue reading

Family Visits with Irina

It looks like we will not receive permission to deliver the packages until Monday, so in the meantime the delegation has continued working in the bedrooms at the Chausy Orphanage, buying items needed for the orphanage and visiting families.  We also had an opportunity today to get into the “in-bond” warehouse (school gym) to familiarize ourselves with the organization of the boxes for when the release comes.  Here is a picture of part of the gym where the boxes have been sorted.


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Crisis Centre, Hospital and Social Workshop

While we are waiting for the packages to be released from Customs the delegation was busy today reviewing our current and ongoing projects.  Harry and Mary Preston have brought a lot of items for the primary grades at the school here and stopped in for a visit.   Here are some children from the 1st grade at school # 1 with a Canadian flag that they brought with them.


We also stopped in at the Dream Mountains Crisis Continue reading