Students Help us Help Students!

As mentioned on Friday, Mary and Harry Preston have been working on an initiative to make improvements at School # 1 in Chausy.  They have completely upgraded the classroom for the grade two class.  Here, Harry and Mary pose with the children in the class and their new desks and chairs.


They also installed new bookcases in the back of the Continue reading

Easter in Belarus

It was 20 degrees C and sunny here today with a nice breeze blowing.  Unfortunately we still do not have permission to deliver so after some time spent organizing boxes in the gym and making sure everything was ready a few of us went to Mogilev for a little tour.  Since this is Orthodox Easter weekend, most of our drivers, interpreters and families are celebrating and spending time with family, so it became a bit of a free day.

Here is picture of the new Orthodox church in Mogilev taken yesterday afternoon.  There is a line up of hundreds of people waiting to be blessed by the priest for Easter.


We walked down a beautiful shopping street that is closed to Continue reading

Orphanage Awesomeness!

We had a wonderful day with the children of the Chausy Orphanage!  There are a lot of new faces at the orphanage and many new younger children participated in a concert that was held for us.  Here two of the new children at the Orphanage, who will also be coming to Brockville this summer, join in a song.


The 3 oldest girls in the Orphanage will be graduating later this Spring and all 3 of them have been tremendous Continue reading