Orphanage Awesomeness!

We had a wonderful day with the children of the Chausy Orphanage!  There are a lot of new faces at the orphanage and many new younger children participated in a concert that was held for us.  Here two of the new children at the Orphanage, who will also be coming to Brockville this summer, join in a song.


The 3 oldest girls in the Orphanage will be graduating later this Spring and all 3 of them have been tremendous Continue reading

Rotary International Award for Irina!

Today the Canadians attended the “Day of the Angel” Party.  This is always a really fun day as we celebrate the birthdays of the children in the “Organization of Families with Invalid Children”.  This program has been sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Brockville and the 1000 Islands for the past 12 years.   This year was especially exciting as Irina Denisyenko, the leader of the organization, was being awarded the prestigious “Paul Harrris Fellow Award” from Rotary Club International.  Of course Irina had no idea that she was receiving this award so you can see the surprise on her face in the picture below as she realizes that it is her that Dave is describing:


Rotary created the “Paul Harris Fellow Award: to recognize outstanding individuals that have acheived tremendous Continue reading

Fridges, Furniture and Friendship!

Although we are still waiting for Customs clearance and permission to deliver the aid, we had a pretty full day today with many activities happening and some of them simultaneously.  As you can see in the picture below we were treated to a wonderful concert in our honour by the children of the public school.


However we started our day at the hospital delivering  Continue reading