Believe in Your Dreams!

We had a surprise visit from a young lady from Moscow this morning.  In 2001, Anya was living in very difficult cirmcumstances in Chausy, it was brought to Dave’s attention and he was asked if CAC could help this girl.  Dave approached the orphanage director who spoke with local authorities and Anya became our first “Rescue Child” to be moved to the protection of the Chausy Orphanage.  Here is Anya today with Dave:


In 2003 Anya came to Brockville in our Respite from Radiation program Continue reading

A Beautiful Gift for Beautiful Children

It’s a special day for some special children.  Although not yet released from bond, we were able to present a few things today right in our bonded warehouse, the school #1 gym.  Here Dave presents Irina with special learning toys from Discovery Toys for a new “Lending Library” for children with Autism and learning difficulties.  This was a special initiative lead by Laura Weeds Wright of Brockville with contributions from her father, MacGregor Weeds.


We also presented Irina with a collapsible gazebo that will be used to sell crafts from the Social Workshop at local Continue reading

Students Help us Help Students!

As mentioned on Friday, Mary and Harry Preston have been working on an initiative to make improvements at School # 1 in Chausy.  They have completely upgraded the classroom for the grade two class.  Here, Harry and Mary pose with the children in the class and their new desks and chairs.


They also installed new bookcases in the back of the Continue reading