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Best Birthday Ever version 4.0

Yesterday we held our 4th annual birthday party for the children of the Chausy Orphanage. Again this year it was hosted by Corbin Evans, a grade 8 student at TISS Intermediate school. Corbin raises the funds for this party through various means throughout the year including bottle drives and Crispy Creme donut sales. Here is Corbin and his Mom, Jennifer, dancing at the party. Needless to say the party was a huge success.

Before we see a few more pictures from the party, I’ll back up to a couple of other activities from the day.

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A Concert for Canadians!

Today we were presented with a concert in our honour by the children of the Chausy Orphanage. It was a wonderful event and really showed off the talent of the children. This was an extra-curricular activity but the children put their heart and soul into it. This is an exciting time as the children know that every spring the Canadians arrive.

The concert was in the format of a story of Spring arriving with the Canadians,

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Barn, Bikes and Beautiful Voices!

Sorry to be so late in posting the blog, but it was a late night.  After the concert we were invited for dinner at the Orphanage and there was a lot of visiting afterward.  When we got home it was well past midnight and we ended up visiting until after 2 AM.

More progress was made on the Poultry Barn.  Soffit and fascia, doors and vent fans …

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