Orphanage and Hospital Reconstruction Program

Unfortunately, due to its geographic location, the front line of WWII was within the territories of Belarus for three years. With a staggering death toll of 1 in 4 citizens, hundreds of orphanages were constructed in 1946 to accommodate the thousands of children left homeless. Today, these orphanages remain filled to capacity with little or no improvements. Most have dreadful washroom facilities, lacking even the most basic facilities with hot water and showers. In many instances children must walk several kilometers once a week, to public bathhouses.

In 2001, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl was instrumental in the signing of a Presidential decree providing all foreign organizations the benefit of tax exemption on special projects. Through the generosity of our supporters, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl has successfully constructed North American quality washroom facilities in several orphanages throughout the contaminated areas. For the first time hot water and showers, standard toilets and sinks have been provided. In addition, industrial standard laundry facilities have been constructed in several hospitals.

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