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After witnessing the dramatic improvement in the quality of life for disabled children through our Invalid Children’s Fund, it spawned the establishment of the Guardian Angel Program. This program matches a sponsor with specific family and focuses more on their individual needs for the disabled child. Extensive information on each family’s personal situation is collected and a “needs list” can be provided and these items can be shipped and delivered directly to the sponsored family, through our organization. Any financial support will directly benefit the family either in product needs, medicines and supplies or compensation, depending on the family situation. As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to correspond with your family through email. Sadly, Belarusian families with a disabled child consider themselves the forgotten ones – a grim reality! We can change that with your support!

This group of children and their families, ostracized by their society, are now able to smile and feel themselves to be significant persons.  The typical $500/year given by a sponsor family coupled with letters and pictures make their lives far more bearable.  Being able to afford nutritious food, firewood, building supplies, physiotherapy, medical upgrades, winter boots, heaters, etc. seriously helps remove angst from daily living.  Seeing the pictures of “Guardian Angels” preciously displayed in their little log homes or decrepid apartments tells the real story.  These people feel loved and through that love feel hope.  This is always the best of the gifts by Guardian Angels.

Every year their are those whose needs are critical and some even die (3 died in the summer of 2008, Roman Sedach (13 months), Vitali Muraru (14 years), and Lonya Lubanov (25 years).  They all know they are cherished and remembered.  Every year there are new families with invalid children with big needs and so often a complete sense of hopelessness.  Becoming a Guardian Angel can have a huge impact on a life, a family, our global village.

For information on how you can make a difference, please contact us directly via e-mail.
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