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Dedication to Donald Baillie Green

Today the renovated Children’s Ward at the Chausy Hospital was dedicated in memory of Don Green of Brockville. The following mural of the 1000 Islands was hung on the wall with the inscription “This Paediatric Ward is dedicated in memory of a dear friend and philanthropist Donald Baillie Green. Brockville, Ontario, Canada”

The renovation was done in partnership with the Chausy Administration and the Green Family Foundation Continue reading

Olympic Gold for Dzinara Alimbekova

What a wonderful success story!  A few years ago Dzinara Alimbekova was training for Biathlon at the Chausy Regional School of Sport (formerly called the Chausy Orphanage) and Canadian Aid for Chernobyl helped out, buying her first set of professional ski equipment. This week she achieved gold at the Pyeongchang Olympics with 3 team-mates in the 4 x 6km relay event.

One of her teachers from the school posted this picture with the caption “Dzinara stepped from the school threshold to the Olympic Podium. Proud!” (translated from Russian)

Dzinara on the Chausy School doorstep and with her teammates after winning gold in Pyeongchang. (3rd from left)

Congratulations Dzinara from all of your friends in Canada.  Your hard work and perseverance has paid off and we too are very proud of you!
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2018 Initiatives

We are pleased and excited to once again share with you our initiatives for the coming year. It is a pretty long list, some of the items are already fund raised but many of them will require the help and donations of our supporters. Please have a look at the list below to see what we hope to accomplish. With your support, together, we are making a difference!

Eric McKenzie
on behalf of Dave Shaw – Humanitarian and Orphan Initiative

**A New Initiative with lasting impact:
Running Water

Most families living in homes in the Chausy region do not have running water or indoor plumbing. Last year Canadian Aid for Chernobyl helped 4 families improve their lives by connecting them to a water supply.  The impact is immediate and lasting. We are targeting 5 more deserving families to receive this life changing gift in 2018.


$8,000 USD needed


CAC currently has enough humanitarian aid to fill 3 transport containers for this spring, provided the funds are raised. The containers will consist of food and parcels for a targeted 800 families including seniors on small pensions and impoverished families and families with disabled children. In addition, we hope to raise enough funds for hygiene products for impoverished families, orphans, abused / neglected children, disabled children and adults. Also, shoes boxes for seniors, gift boxes for orphans, handmade quilts, clothing, footwear, wheelchairs and walkers Continue reading